C. Feedback Driven Development

Feedback Driven Development advances current DevOps solutions with tools and methods for application development based on continuous feedback.

Asset Owner Purpose License Link
Tracer Project-proprietary  - SAP It is an interface for the developer to capture configuration settings. Supported settings are functions to trace, metrics to trace and an execution rule. SAP Licensable Email: Link
Data Analyzer Project-proprietary  - SAP It is a tool set for analyzing data base schema and database content to support improvement of the database and consequently the application. SAP Licensable Email: Link
Test Data Generator Project-proprietary  - SAP It generates test data based on extracted information by the Data Analyzer. SAP Licensable Email: Link
CASPOTT Project-produced/ modified Open Source It enables application behavior analysis of each function by persisting and visualizing the response times, number of calls and number of errors. Apache 2.0 Link
Performance Spotter Project-proprietary  - SAP It enables performance behavior analysis of each function by persisting and visualizing the execution times and number of accesses. SAP Licensable Email: Link
Monitoring Configuration Cockpit Project-proprietary  - SAP It evaluates saved settings and creates a new tracer configuration for a configuration specific tracer. For the execution rules, it evaluates and records tracer state before each run. SAP Licensable Email: Link
Auto Scaler Project-produced/ modified Open Source It receives and analyzes the runtime metrics of an application and based on them scales the application Apache 2.0 Link
Availability Observer Project-proprietary  - SAP It observes the availability of application and in case of an anomaly notifies the DevOps SAP Licensable Email: Link