Cloudwave for Application Developer

who builds an application on the top of CloudWave framework will deliver higher product quality to end-customers. By implementing CloudWave tools in their daily work, Application Developers will improve not only their own productivity and the development experience (e.g. fast debugs tracking and problem solving reaction) but as well applications functional and non-functional performance during its runtime. For Application Developers, CloudWave technology is a step towards the vision of DevOps culture, allowing them to quickly identify problems and to define suitable actions in response. As a consequence human intuition is supported by a solid analytic foundation to drive the evolution of software.

Application Developers will in particular benefit from CloudWave´s innovations:

  • Execution Analytics allows application developers to use infrastructure monitoring data integrated with application performance monitoring data for a better management and enabling DevOps approach between layers of the stack.
  • The Feedback Driven Development tools that help to analyse code behavior and shorten development cycles in the real time. By giving direct access to runtime data, developers can track application features behavior in operational environment on a daily basis and identify the right balance of data exposure and its complexity. As a consequence, building, testing, and releasing application, can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.
  • The CloudWave App Support Tool kit that assists the operation of the application. Application Developers through CloudWave infrastructure will notify Application Operators and Cloud Operators about application related events which might be of their interest during decision making processes. On the other hand, Application Developers subscribe to events proposed by Application Operators which are related to the application and the infrastructure adaptation.

As the Application Developers seek quicker time-to-market, shortened development/maintenance cycles, reduced risks, lower costs of manual programming and increased QoS/QoE for the end-user; CloudWave framework will support them in fulfilling their customers’ (even those very sophisticated) requirements and making their work more pleasurable and efficient. This is possible, since their codes will be more resilient, effortless to maintain and tune and performance bottlenecks easier to track and patch. CloudWave will serve for Application Developers as a new decision support mechanisms.

Hence, the idea is to monitor the application code and runtime better!