CloudWave for Application Operator

oversees deployment and maintenance of the applications created by Application Developer in the Cloud under CloudWave Framework. By using CloudWave tools in their daily work, Application Operators will improve application functional and non-functional performance during its runtime and the level of service assurance.

Application Operator will in particular benefit from CloudWave´s innovations:

  • Execution analytics and 3-D monitoring tools give wider insight into application behavior in the Cloud by measuring, tracking and mapping virtual resource consumption by cloud application and mapping this to the physical infrastructure which supports the application (e.g. optimal physical hosting of VMs). It recommends necessary actions like possible adaptation or problem escalation to Application Developer.
  • Coordinated adaptation helps applications to meet changing workload demands in a highly efficient manner and maintain the promised SLAs to application end-users, in a way that is better than regular auto-scaling. The adaptations actions like virtual resource relocation, migration of computation (including end-user device), and modification of service structure and application reconfiguration can be followed on the Adaptation Dashboard. Those adaptation decisions are taken through negotiation among the relevant layers (applications, cloud infrastructure, end-user devices) by using the Adaptation Protocol.

The CloudWave holistic approach provides substantial value to the Application Operators, as it allows them to improve the stability of production deployments and reduce downtimes and episodes of degraded customer experience due to performance-critical bugs. An Application Operator can, for example, define adaptation events to enforce application SLA or deployment constraints, providing a level of automation for their deployment. To conclude, the biggest benefit for Application Operator will be the insight in duly elaborated application performance metrics (load balancing, traffic routing, scale-outs, virtual machine migrations, latency, LAN saturation). This will serve for rational resource optimization, more resilient deployments and agile, iterative release cycles.

Hence, the idea is to monitor the Cloud-hosted application performance better!