CloudWave for Cloud Operator

who owns and operates the physical infrastructure and host many applications of varied Application Developers and Operators can better preserve SLA requirements, while using less resource. The applications have contracted SLAs by different groups of end-users and for that reason some of them are more expensive to violate than others. By using CloudWave tools in their daily work, Cloud Operators will improve in particular the overall functionality of the Cloud environment with computing resources that requires to be constantly optimized.

Cloud Operator will in particular benefit from CloudWave´s innovations:

  • Coordinated Adaptation helps to map virtual machines and containers more efficiently to physical machines. CloudWave’s unique concept is to determine a better adaptation action for the whole stack than is offered by today’s elastic clouds. CloudWave is able to offer a much richer syntax for triggering an adaptation action, and can utilize a range of factors such as cost, risk and domain-knowledge from the DevOps engineer in determining the proper adaptation action. Consequently, the weights of Adaptation Sub-engines aid to optimize overall data center goals.

  • The enhanced Horizon Dashboard which is the main CloudWave innovation foreseen for Cloud Operators that is based on both system considerations and business requirements. It gives visibility across the data center into Cloud resources. In particular it provides information on the utilization of physical servers and consequently the capacity to host more services.

Market and financial pressures drive Cloud Operators to better management of their infrastructure deployment in order to lower OpEx and maximize the lifespan of their current CapEx investment in procured hardware. As the commoditization of cloud computing continues, providers also seek innovative tools and services to offer on top of their offering, creating new revenue sources and end-to-end offerings that can further differentiate them from the competition.

CloudWave framework used by Cloud Operator will minimize infrastructure costs while maintaining quality of service levels (QoS) for their customers. Cloud Operators by having better insight into whole Cloud ecosystem and capacity to control risk, will make better use of their hardware and manage their resource and service provisioning more efficiently (e.g. by dynamically allocating and reallocating cloud resources).

Hence, the idea is to use the whole Cloud Infrastructure better!