CloudWave presentation during Net futures 2016 in Brussels

Ilona Cieslik

Net Futures is an event organized by European Commission and it aims at promoting ICT research and innovation in Europe, disseminating R&D projects, boosting the start-ups and entrepreneurial scene. The last edition of Net Futures was organized in Brussels on the 20th and 21st of April, 2016 and attracted around 1 000 participants. This includes among others: industrial partners, European Commission officials, policy makers, researchers and entrepreneurs.

The Intel’s Cloud Services Lab sponsored and actively participated in Net Future conference and workshops, where was presenting selected demonstrations together with its achievements and strategy. One of the objectives was to present to wider audience The CloudWave project results and demonstrate its Adaptation Engine Framework with special focus on the orchestration of migration actions over containerized cloud infrastructures.

Participation in Net futures 2016 was a great occasion not only to discuss topics related to DC Cloud and Networks Orchestration but as well other current trends like interoperability, experimentation, 5G vision, IoT standardization and digital economy. The members of the Cloud Services Lab had the opportunity to effectively present its activities and achievements, disseminate CloudWave results and network with representatives from industry, research community as well as European Commission agencies.