CloudWave Webinar: Monitoring in a Cloud Environment


Did you miss our webinar "Monitoring in a Cloud Environment"? You can view the entire 1-hour event at BrightTalk!

Together with CloudWatch, PaaSage and EGI, we look at some cutting edge research around cloud monitoring. Cloud IaaS and PaaS solutions are becoming common place, but customers are demanding more detailed DevOps-enabling feedback through enhanced monitoring, empowering a more agile service development and quicker time to market. Meanwhile, providers look to further optimize their infrastructure, cutting costs and outperforming a crowded competition.

How should the next generation of cloud solutions approach monitoring? How does this differ between the deployed application, the underlying infrastructure and the software-defined network? And how do we sort through all this data for added-value analytics for providers and customers alike?

Catch up on "Monitoring in a Cloud Environment" to see how EU-funded research is advancing future cloud offerings!

Eliot Salant – CloudWave
Dario Bruneo (University of Messina) – CloudWave
Avi Miron (Technion) - CloudWave
Kyriakos Kritikos (ICS-FORTH) - PaaSage
Michel Drescher, (EGI) - EGI-InSPIRE, CloudWATCH