CloudWave: Where adaptive cloud management meets DevOps

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CloudWave: Where adaptive cloud management meets DevOps
D. Bruneo
T. Fritz
S. Keidar-Barner
P. Leitner
F. Longo
C. Marquezan
A. Metzger
K. Pohl
A. Puliafito
D. Raz
A. Roth
E. Salant
I. Segall
M. Villari
Y. Wolfsthal
C. Woods

Published at ISCC 2014 (IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications) Workshop on Management of Cloud Systems (MoCS 2014).

The transition to cloud computing offers a large number of benefits, such as lower capital costs and a highly agile environment. Yet, the development of software engineering practices has not kept pace with this change. Moreover, the design and runtime behavior of cloud based services and the underlying cloud infrastructure are largely decoupled from one another.This paper describes the innovative concepts being developed by CloudWave to utilize the principles of DevOps to create an execution analytics cloud infrastructure where, through the use of programmable monitoring and online data abstraction, much more relevant information for the optimization of the ecosystem is obtained. Required optimizations are subsequently negotiated between the applications and the cloud infrastructure to obtain coordinated adaption of the ecosystem. Additionally, the project is developing the technology for a Feedback Driven Development Standard Development Kit which will utilize the data gathered through execution analytics to supply developers with a powerful mechanism to shorten application development cycles.

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