D. Infrastructure services:

Infrastructure services connect between the other components and between the underlying Cloud Platform (e.g. OpenStack).

Asset Owner Purpose License Link
.so Project-produced/ modified Open Source It provides new applications with access to CloudWave functionality, including generated an enactment point, and responding to adaptation requests. It also includes metric and log collection functionality. It will be a part of AppSupportToolkit package. Binary Firmware License Link
Object Model Project-produced/ modified Open Source It is a graph representation of stack deployments. Apache 2.0 Link
Heat++  (events plugin) Project-produced/ modified Open Source Infrastructure orchestration based on coordinated adaptation features. Apache 2.0 Link
RabbitMQ 3rd party Open Source Robust messaging for applications. Mozilla Public License Link
MongoDB 3rd party Open Source A free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database. AGPL v3.0 Link