A. Execution Analytics

Execution Analytics improves existing cloud and application monitoring solutions with a holistic approach to metric collection, aggregation and event triggering.

Asset Owner Purpose License Link
EASER Proprietary (IBM) It enables un-structural and structural log analysis as part of CloudWave’s log analysis. It can analyze data coming from multiple resources and generate queries that issue alerts when analyzing logs. IBM Licensable Email: Link
OpenSource substitute of EASER: LogStash 3rd party Open Source Apache 2.0 Link
ESPER 3rd party Open Source Complex Event Processor GNU GPL 2.0 Link
Ceilometer Agent Project-modified 3rd party Open Source Its main role is to collect data coming from the application and to redirect it to the CeiloEsper component. The Agent is able to automatically filter data in order to send only those messages that are really needed by Esper´s rules, thus avoiding useless network congestion. Apache 2.0 Link Link Link
Metrics/Topology Dashboard Project-produced/ modified Open Source It is based on OpenStack Horizon. Allows visualizing in real time monitoring data (bandwidth per VLAN, delay, packet loss, jitter) as well as events coming from the different layers of the CloudWave architecture. Apache 2.0 Link