CloudWave at ICSE and WWW 2015

Philipp Leitner, UZH

May 18th to the 23rd was a busy week for CloudWave and the international cloud engineering community. Both ICSE (International Conference on Software Engineering) and WWW (International World Wide Web Conference) descended up Firenze, Italy, for a week packed with software engineering and Web research. Members of University of Zurich and University of Messina have represented the CloudWave project at both conferences.

At WWW, CloudWave presented a demonstration of the Cloud Workbench tool to a large audience of researchers and practitioners from Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google and others as part of the formal demonstration session. At ICSE, University of Messina presented the CloudWave testbed as part of the PESOS workshop. This workshop also gave us a chance to connect to researchers in the MODAClouds project.

This year also represented a watershed moment in the history of the WWW conference, as this year the first Seoul Test of Time Award was given out to Sergey Brin and Larry Page for their seminal paper "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine” (appearing at WWW’98), which not only is among the highest-cited computer science papers of all times, but also laid the foundation of the commercial success of the Google search engine.