IV. Component-Level Scientific papers:

Scientific Document Describes Link
High Level Architecture High Level Scientific Report: a report presenting the last iteration of CloudWave's architecture, as well as its relation to the state of the art for the project's three pillars of focus for improved cloud IaaS and SaaS offerings: Execution Analytics, Coordinated Adaption and Feedback-driven Development. Link
Infrastructure Services Component-Level Scientific Report: .so, Object Model, OpenStack services (RabbitMQ, Nova, Keystone, Heat), MongoDB, LogStash, Adaptation Engine Framework dashboard, Heat++ (events plugin) Link
Execution Analytics Component-Level Scientific Report: ESPER, Ceilometer, [UniMe probe], Extended Horizon, EASER Link
Coordinated Adaptation Component-Level Scientific Report: Cost Engine, Risk Analysis Engine, Hardware Engine, Adaptation Engine Framework, Link
Feedback Driven Development Component-Level Scientific Report: Test Data Generation, CASPOTT, Mobile Hybrid Applications Anti-Pattern Analysis, Feedback Driven Analysis of Performance Regressions Link